The games of BitBeamCannon are developed to be legitimate retro nostalgic experiences. Each game is designed to recreate the exact specifications of a beloved system of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. We are developing Amiga and NES games, and have these and many other systems in mind for planned future projects.

Retro games by BitBeamCannon that are created using a 16 bit Amiga style. floppy disk icon

Metro Siege

  • Team up with a friend and clean up the streets in this all new classic arcade brawler.
  • Classic 16 bit Amiga graphics
  • Select from 3 playable characters, each with a distinct fighting style
  • Sophisticated combat engine supporting lots of moves, blocks, counter-attacks, hitting enemies while they are down and more.
  • Experience the ancient origins of the fantasy world of Nnar
  • Classic 16 bit Amiga Graphics
  • Fast action classic side-scrolling gameplay
  • Battle robot foes in a futuristic sci-fi setting
  • Classic 8 bit NES Graphics
  • Fast action classic platforming gameplay
  • Nostalgic chip-tune soundtrack

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