Making Games With Construct

We’re pre-creating a complete Amiga game project in Construct 2 for modern platforms to finalize the art, sound, and gameplay ahead of the actual classic Amiga version.

Forensic Pixology

Join these in depth discussions by two long time professional pixel artists, as we analyze and explain much of the art, animation, and color choices made in classic 8 and 16 bit games.

Pixel Art Time-lapses

Watch us create the art for our own games in these short time-lapse videos.

Pixel Art Tutorials

Feedback and tutorials related to pixel art and the creation of games.

Amiga Game Development

This shows how to use the Amiga Amos Sprite and Bob bank editor. Thanks to Michael Ness for giving this overview.

Core Techniques for Illustrators

Videos with any advice, discussion, or topics related to art that aren’t always about the world of video games.

Porfolio Review Feedback

This series of videos will help you gain insight to key elements that make a good game/concept artists portfolio good.

Past Live Streams

Check out our live streams about game development with special guests and discussions.

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