Metro Siege - Amiga Street Brawler by BitBeamCannon
Retro games by BitBeamCannon that are created using a 16 bit Amiga style. floppy disk icon

Metro Siege

A new 2 player co-op brawler game for classic Amiga and modern platforms such as PC and mobile devices.

Choose from 3 playable characters with distinct personalities and combat styles to free the streets of your city from the criminals that are trying to take over.

Game Features:

  • Classic 16 bit Amiga Graphics
  • Fast action classic arcade brawler action
  • Runs flawlessly on Amiga 500 computers with 512 k memory expansion


Stay tuned for progress updates!

BitBeamCannon are working with Pixelglass and Enable Software to bring the ultimate 2 player co-op arcade brawler to classic Amigas and retro fans on modern platforms.

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