Classic Amiga Computer Projects

Retro games by BitBeamCannon that are created using a 16 bit Amiga style. floppy disk icon

Metro Siege

We’re teamed up with Pixelglass and Enable Software to bring a console quality fight em’ up game to classic Amigas.

First we proved the concept for classic Amiga using Amos, and now we’re making the whole game quickly for modern platforms, but with Amiga compliant graphics and design. Once it’s done it will be ported to classic Amiga by a strong C and Assembly programmer.

When the original Amos proof of concept version has a functioning tile-map loader and a few more improvements it will be shared openly with the Amiga community.

Load this example project in Amos Pro and you’ll learn how to set bobs to a special mode that tints the background into color families instead of just covering them with opaque pixels.

We suggest you get the latest version of AMOS Pro from here.

Retro games by BitBeamCannon that are created using a 16 bit Amiga style. floppy disk icon

AMOS EXAMPLE : Side scrolling SHMUP demo

 This demo shows how to create some parallax scrolling and it also uses the translucency effect demonstrated above.

After tile loading and optimizations are added it will be made public to the Amiga community.

 This tool must be run on Windows, but the resulting animation projects can be used in the Scorpion engine to fit far more frames of animation in your games… this is achieved by creating each frame by simply rearranging body part images to create new poses. Image can be swapped out with other images, added or removed for any animation frame as well.

The zip includes a manual and you should also watch these videos here.

You can download the actual animation tool here.

 This tool is some Amos code that loads a guide image and analyzes it in order to generate all the Amos “rainbow” code needed to recreate the vertical color changes in the guide image.

Watch the video to the left to learn more.

You can download the actual Amos code for Rainbow Ripper Here.

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